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PC won't POST from sleep, occasionally occurs from a cold boot as well. X670E-F, EXPO enabled.

Level 7

So as the title says, I get a white solid light on the MB when waking the PC from sleep. Fixed via restarting or powering off and on. EXPO 1 enabled 6000mhz. 

For the record, I can't set EXPO in bios as it won't post, I have to set it via Ryzen Master (3000mhz X2). And also for the record, I couldn't use EPXO at all until BIOS 1602. After flashing to 1709 I still have this issue. 

BIOS: 1709 / MB: X670E-F / GPU: TUF 4090 / CPU: 7900X3D / RAM: Gskill DDR5 6000mhz / PSU: TT Toughpower 1200W. 

This is really annoying, do I need to change something to do with CPU throttling? I don't think it's the RAM, there's no orange light on the MB. Is sleep disabled in BIOS? Help please!





Level 7


Sorry for the phone pic

Level 9

First, do not use Ryzen Master to OC memory.  Like you, Expo does not work for me but manually setting in BIOS does and has the advantage of allowing better setting for sub-timings than Expo.  For a guide Samsung or Hynix, Buildzoid has some good YT tutorials on settings.

Asus has a major issue with sleep.  When waking, you lose your memory OC in terms of read speeds so do not use sleep.  Use hibernate.