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PC won't boot; then PSU shuts down.

Level 7

This new build ran fine for a week. B650E-E, Bios 2413, 32GB ram, Ryzen 7 7800X3D, ASUS RTX 4060 graphics, Corsair RM850 power supply.

While booting up, the Q code display cycling stops and goes dark with a 15 code displayed immediately prior to going dark. 

I removed the 2 ram sticks and ran one stick in the A2 slot and then the other stick with no difference in boot progress.

Removing the graphics card and running on the CPU's integrated graphics changes nothing.

Once the Q code display shuts down, I have to turn off the power supply switch and turn it back on. The case on/off switch doesn't work until I cycle the power supply.

Sometimes, the PC gets through the boot process and then shuts down shortly thereafter...

So it doesn't appear to be a memory problem. I'm wondering if I have a bad power supply...



Level 10

one attempt is to regress to the previous version, BIOS v2412