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PC blue screened and now gets post code 99 to 42 no matter what I do

Level 7

Specs: MB: X670e-e gaming wifi, CPU:7900x, Ram: 64gb Corsair vengeance 5600, PSU: phanteks revolt 1200w, GPU:MSI gaming trio x, 3 2tb m.2 drives, custom watercooling.

Now I was having issues before, I had the CPU RMA'd since it had faulty DRAM and had to remove a SATA drive to get the PC to work initially.

Steps I've taken:I removed all components, reset the CPU, tried using only 1 stick of ram, removed my GPU, tried a different OS m.2 I had lying around, swapped my custom cables for stock cables, removed all USBs and swapped from display cable to HDMI cable.

And I'll get either code 99 to which I'll plug in my keyboard and mouse then get code 42.


Anyone have any clues on what it is?




Hello Slicernaught45

In my experience, code 99 can be something with the gpu on back to the monitor or some usb device.

If you have display with code 99, it's likely some usb device.

1) Check in the bios, I'm not sure where it would be for your motherboard but somewhere in the usb section, you should be able to enable legacy usb support.

2) Try enabling CSM, this also gives legacy support.

3) Try a different mouse and keyboard.

Do any of these suggestions help?