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No video output on X670E Plus Wifi

Level 7


Since last year, I've had the motherboard X670E Plus Wifi, a graphics card Hellhound RX 7900 XTX, and a processor 7800X3D with which I built my personal PC, which has been working fine until today. I haven't made any recent changes, but today when I turned it on, I had no image on the screen (no HDMI signal). I've tried various solutions to fix it myself, but nothing has solved the problem.

The problem: no video signal, neither from the HDMI output of the motherboard nor from the graphics card. After ±30s of startup, the motherboard indicates a "VGA" error signal (white Q-LED lit).

Solutions I've tried (several times each):

  • Change the HDMI cable
  • Try a DisplayPort cable
  • Change the monitor
  • Connect the monitor to the HDMI / DisplayPort port of the motherboard
  • Update BIOS (method without "BIOS FlashBack™" screen following the manual instructions, page 2-19)
  • Remove the graphics card and try to turn on the PC
  • Install the graphics card on the second PCIe x16 slot
  • Dust off the PCIe x16 port (it was clean but tried it anyway)
  • Reset CMOS (following the manual, page 1-16)
  • Start without SSD
  • Start without SSD/without graphics card/only one DDR5 RAM stick/without connections except power on the motherboard + HDMI

None of the solutions have solved the problem. There is still no image output from either the graphics card or the motherboard, neither through HDMI nor DisplayPort. The 7800X3D processor does have an iGPU, so I don't understand why there's no image output from the motherboard either.

I just noticed that when the graphics card is powered but not plugged into the PCIe port, its fans do not turn on at all. When the graphics card is properly plugged into the PCIe port, the fans run during the startup phase, then turn off when the Q-LED indicator becomes white. So, I suspect it's not a physical connection problem on the PCIe port.

Could you please suggest any other solutions for me to try, or will I need to send it for repair? Thank you in advance for your responses.

(RAM: 2x16 DDR5 Kingston Fury Renegade KF560C32RSK2-32)