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No video, no q-code, no fan spin on ROG Crosshair (x670e) Gene + Ryzen 7800x3d

Level 7

Hello. Just finished up building PC after upgrade (new CPU, cooler, M/B and RAM) and it does not work. Components:

  • ROG Crosshair x670e gene
  • AMD Ryzen 7800x3d
  • RTX 3060
  • XPG lancer blade ddr5 2x24gb 6400 mt/s [AX5U6400C3224G-DTLABRWH]
  • NZXT elite 280
  • Chieftec Silicon ATX-12V 750W SLC-750C

So, after putting all together I tried to boot for the first time, and hadseen the following:

  1. M/B rgb lighten up.
  2. Q-Code display blinked for a moment then gone out.
  3. Fans plugged in directly to motherboard and also GPU fans spun for less then 1 second, then stopped.
  4. NZXT pump and other USB devices (mouse, keyboard) do nothing, seem not to receive any power.
    BUT there single exceptional USB device - freaking usb microphone, which RGB light is glowing.
  5. After a several seconds, the memory RGB lighten up.
  6. Monitors show no signs of life.
  7. No single POST LED showed light.

After facing that, i found out several things and tried to fix them.

  1. My memory kit is not in comp. list. I have other DDR5 PC nearby, so I tried to replace my kit with single memory module from this other PC. Nothing changed. I also tried to test each module from my kit separately and in every slot. Nothing changed.
  2. 7800x3d is supported my motherboard starting from specific BIOS version. I do not know which bios is installed, so I tried to update BIOS to latest version using bios flashback. The bios flashback LED blinked for several minutes, then stops. When I tried to boot - nothing changed.
  3. I tried different video card, even I am 100% sure that my 3060 worked this morning. Nothing changes.
  4. Motherboard has 2x 8-ping CPU power sockets, but my PSU has just one CPU power output. I tried to plug it in each m/b socket, but I didn't see any difference.

What can I try to fix problem with boot?


Level 7

Just found reason of my issue - wrong SATA power cable in my modular PSU, which I plugged today for powering new CPU cooler.