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No Video After Reboot

Level 9

Hey guys,

I've got a system with a B650E-I Strix, and every time I do a reboot, there's no video afterwards. The PC functions fine. It boots into Windows. I can hear the sounds, and if I press the power button it will shut down like normal, but the video never comes on. Any cold boots work fine and has video like normal.

This is such a strange issue I started noticing a couple years ago when I went from a 2080 Ti to a 3080 Ti. At the time I was on an Intel 9900K and Asus Maximus X Apex. It was really frustrating at the time. I ended up going to a 13900K and just figured the issues would go away. They did not. It would usually work ok if I just had my 1440P monitor plugged in, but if I had the 4K plugged in too, it would not have video on boot after a restart. Any time I had to do updates, driver installs, or anything that required a restart, I had to unplug the 4K monitor.

I have since built another system based on 7800X3D and SFF with a 4080 FE and all new hardware. I have the same problems. Now, it's not even getting video after reboot with just the 1440P monitor plugged in. It makes it impossible to use as I can't do driver updates or anything that requires a successful restart. I tried to do a driver update through GeForce Experience, and of course had no video when it rebooted. I waited and shut the PC down, and then on cold boot the driver install had failed. I can't reboot into safe mode to use DDU to do a proper driver install. It's quite the conundrum.

At this point, it almost has to be a bios setting. Is this a problem someone has seen before? I have seen it across multiple systems now. The only constant is the ROG bios. I have very normal hardware, so I would think if I was having this problem on multiple systems that it would be a widespread problem. Maybe it's something I'm setting wrong in the bios.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


Level 8

HI bro. I don't think it will help you but try these methods. 

1. Clean all connectors with alcohol and cotton such as HDMI two heads, videocard gold connectors.

2. When the windows starts in black screen try to press start button and P button. There are 4 options with start+P.   

3. Try to remove all wires from the slots besides power cable and HDMI and turn on PC. There may be some problems in the wiring and conflicting with the video card․