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NewBuild B650E-F wont boot up right to Windows 10?

Level 9

I just did a fresh build today, even after installing Windows 10, BIOS shows "Windows Boot Manager" as Boot Priority 1, but at every restart, I get the screen thats says I have to hit F1 to enter Setup, and from there I go to Advanced mode and select the boot manager for override to get it to boot to Windows? I even changed the BIOS to only have 1 device to boot from, and that is the boot manager, yet it still wont boot right into it?

ASUS B650E-F with latest 1414 BIOS today




Level 9

Dis-regard. After 3 days, I called ASUS. Bottom line was. I had my Arctic AIO cooler plugged into the AIO Header, instead of the CPU Fan Header (As the manual states to do) and when plugged into the CPU Fan header now, all boots up fine. WTF with all the hours of research! At least im good now, was ready to order a new MOBO and send this one back via prime,,,,

Same thing happened to me but couldn’t log in here to reply.  You could also have just told the bios to ignore the cpu fan. 

Actually, I wanted to choose to ignore it, but I couldnt find the setting to 'Ignore". Where might that be? Thanks,

never mind, I found it