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New build freezes or BSODs

Level 7

I built a new system on a ROG STRIX X670E-A GAMING WIFI (running BIOS 0705).
CPU: Ryzen 7950X
Cooler:*Arctic Cooling Arctic Liquid Freezer II CPU 240mm
RAM: *Kingston FURY Beast 32GB DDR5 6000MHz CL40 Dual Channel Kit [ KF560C40BBK2-32 ]
PSU: Phanteks Revikt Ori 1kW
Case: Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact

I encounter serious system instability, either freezes or BSODs of all kind, either when idle or on load.
I first used another pair of RAM sticks, the better Kingston FURY Renegade Silver 16GB DDR5 6400MHz CL32 and the iGPU. This config was BSODing ALOT.
I then added an old nvidia 660 into the mix, things got a little better, but still getting BSODS.
All while running the memory on DOCP II, on its highest speed setting (6400MHz).
Ran Passmark's memtest86, errors found. On JEDEC 4800MHz no errors, system was rather stable.

Since the RAM wasn't in the QVL i thought it might be the culprit, so i bought another kit, the Beast.*
Installed, set profile to DOCP II (6000MHz). Ran memtest86, jackpot, no errors.
Then I tried running ryzen master optimizer, it freezed after bout 20mins. After restart, tried opening it again, it freezed on splash screen. Restarted, ran RM again, reset all settings to default, ran stress test: freeze.

I got the system mainly for rendering using 3dsmax and vray. Both ram kits behave the same: after some time rendering, the CPU usage drops to 0% and 10 seconds later BSOD.

Other things i did:
- repasted the CPU. Cooling seems adequate, all core rendering and system stays above 5Ghz (5,05 - 5,15).*
- tried the older BIOS rev, same issues.
- tried the Renegade with 1 stick at a time, same issues.

A week later, i am left with a whole in my bank account and another in my nerves.
Please help.*

Level 11
If you can lay your hands on another CPU and the problems with it are gone, then the problem is most likely coming from the CPU.

My system was not running stably with memory clocked to 6000 MT/s initially either. I did read this article and it mentions "To optimize their systems, users should overclock memory modules and controller in 1:1 mode." There was no specifics about how that was to be done.

I finally found the corresponding BIOS (for Crosshair X670E Extreme) and Ryzen Master settings. In the Asus BIOS, the setting is hidden under Advanced -> AMD Overclocking -> Accept -> DDR and Infinity Fabric Frequency/Timings -> Infinity Fabric Frequency and Dividers -> UCLK DIV1 Mode -> UCLK=MEMCLK. Basically, the alternative is to run UCLK at half the speed of MEMCLK (this is what the default setting of Auto does) and that is suboptimal. In Ryzen Master, the setting is called UCLK Mode and it's set to On if UCLK=MEMCLK.

Using this new setting, 6000 MT/s is now rock solid with HCI Memtest coverage of over 3500%. I would try that setting to see if your stability improves. I was unable to get stability on settings higher than 6000 MT/s. I suspect it is not possible with this board.

Previously, without the UCLK setting, at 6000 MT/s, I was getting HCI Memtest errors at 200%-800% coverage.

What were your symptoms? Random BSODs, freezes, restarts?

My symptoms were random BSODs (followed of course by the automatic reboot) usually during load (such as logging in to Windows after initial boot), failure with Windows Memory Diagnostic (this takes a long time to run), errors with HCI Memtest at 200%-800% coverage (takes a couple of hours to crop up).

Were tou having the same trouble at default 4800mhz? Cause i do, although not as often.

Also, did tou try uaing the onboard igfx? System was 10x more unstable for me using that

I was not having any trouble at the default 4800 MHz. I did not try the iGPU at all.

I ended up RMAing the CPU, as it seems lots of 7950x are faulty. They said it will be tested and will get back to me. Let's see...

insideru wrote:
I ended up RMAing the CPU, as it seems lots of 7950x are faulty. They said it will be tested and will get back to me. Let's see...

Did they get back to you? I also have a 7950x with a bunch of issues that I can't explain, waiting impatiently for a new BIOS