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New BIOS for X670E Hero - 0705 (non-beta)

Level 10
just noticed this new bios is out and i get an error when i try to extract it with 7-zip, anyone else?

I also extracted it using windows with no error, but when i navigated to the folder for it in BIOS, it locked up before i could even try selecting it.

I am now a bit hesitant to try using it and am keen to see if anyone else is having the same experience?

Level 10
i will just add that when i first built my system, i had no end of problems with windows 11 and i also had Windows 10 on a separate drive, i thought that was the issue and first went back to windows 10 then eventually wiped both drives and went to a fresh install of windows 10 21H2 and things have been better, the newer versions of the BIOS ahve also resolved (i think) my random resetting issue.

For comparison, system specs:

Crosshair X670E Hero
32Gb Dominator Platinum 6000 (XMP not EXPO)
Main Drive - WD SN850x 2Tb
Asus TUF 3080Ti
Corsair HX1000 80 Platinum
Corsair H170i Elite Cappelix