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my x670e crosshair hero is working with

Level 7

Level 7

so far it's stable with 2 32gb sticks of corsair ram @6000 expo 1 ( didnt try expo 2) and 3 nvmes

it installed in like 10 mins, i manually updated the drivers, then did the 1 hour 22h2 win 10 update and everything is working fine except afterburner and rainmeter and temp display (guess its a chipset issue) 

ram cpu and 6700xt are solid no issues



Hello pissant,

Looking good.

What issue are you having with Aferburner and temp display, please elaborate a little more.

I fixed everything

EVERYTHING is stable now with this board and my 6700 XT overclocked to 2900 and.  My issue with afterburner was a rainmeter plug in issue (I had to tell it to look at GPU1 not GPU0 as 0 is the on board chip gpu)

CPU is set to default in adrenaline software, may hit auto and see what happens but was having gpu issues until I upped the voltage to 1200 so now that's stable at low 500 high 2900,  fast timing at 2150and power limit 15.  I think the cpu/new system is a little more picky about the gpu overclock than the old x299 board running at 2900 at 1.050 cause it was freezing left and right until I upped the voltage.  no system issues, windows ten is solid, i got a good board, I'm happy (oh the card if a xfx qick 6700 black, not the base model, or the merc the middle model 319)

oh ram is stable at expo 6000 too


and (dang i keep forgetting stuff)

the gpu idles at 31C, never goes past 48c. cpu idles at 52c and when i slam it it hits 87 when it's boosting and all cores are in use, i've never seen it go past 89 boosting between 4.7-5.0 but my fans kick in to 100% at 80 and I did read that these are made to run that hot so I'm assuming the temps and stuff are all fine



What cpu and cpu cooler do you have?

Your cpu idle temp is on the warm side.

Do you have the windows power plan set to balanced?


7800x3d, in-win nr36, power plan is set to high performance

it's also hot in the room since temps here have been in the 80's and the ac isn't on so im sure ambiant temp has some play in it

but it idles at 47-51


89c is the maximum temperature for the 7800x3d.

Try the windows balanced power plan and see if this gives you better temps.

played with the fan curve, now it idles at 45-48, normal use is 52, prime95  running its max heat/stress test with cpuid stressing at the same time solid 81 so I think that's a little better, not going anywhere near 89 now