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my x670e crosshair hero is working with

Level 7

prime95 by itself wont go past 71

ambient temps are much lower today, and I'm idiling at 42, so once the AC gets put on in the house for the summer (it's colder out today) Temps should settle down to where they should be.

other than that, everything is good and signalrgb works great as a all in one argb controller.   It's interesting how the audio devices and stuff show up as USB devices now though.  usb tree shows that and bt as usb devices

yes, now i can only get it to hit 83 if im running 2 destroy your cpu tests at once.  gaming barely goes above 64

i need a 4090 though for this 4k 144hz monitor.  i was thinking of a 7900 xtx but i'd rather pay the extra 500 and get a 4090 and just have plug and play with boost control rather than having to fiddle with settings  plus i want to game at pure 4k in high or quality

got it down to 43idle 79 pegged

gotta get rid of this xfx 6700 xt black, the 4/20 drivers dont let me play ANYTHINHG unless i lower the clock to 2000 from 2900 on the 3/26 and leave everything else alone.

I love the board, like the video card but the drivers did me in, i ordered a 4090 where i know it's just going to work out of the box at advertised speeds and i'll get 4k@60fps with pretty much everythiing on.  i was going to buy a 7900 xtx but this driver update did it for me to never buy a ati/amd card again. it's like running XP with a ati rage except everything crashes rather than xp blue screens and i have a 1200W power supply.   cant deal with the drivers and i read on reddit that the new chipset drivers they posted (that are newer than AMD's) break even more things.  it's like shooting fish in a pond, you may or may not get lucky.

i did revert to the 3/26 video drivers and im back at 2900 with everything turned to max with no crashing so its a driver issue.

But I did update the board bios today to 1202 and everything is fine so far, i mean i dont have much, 3 nvme's and a video card. and my temps are lower now but i refuse to try the 4/20 video card drivers, like i said my 4090 will be here monday and then i can sell this xfx black 319 that for a year and 8 months ran at 2900 perfectly.   it's a garbage shoot with the drivers and i'm sad about it, cause i love the board and processor.   at least my temps dont go above 81 now POUNDING the cpu