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Motherboard slots A1 & B1 dont work Asus ROG X670E Crosshair hero

Level 8

Hello guys, 

I changed my graphics card to an rtx 4080 and I took advantage of it and bought another 32 gb of ram, totaling that I already had 64 gb of ram from corsair at 6000mhz the following is that since I installed the second kit of ram it has only been blue screens and bugs I had to pull it out and test it with memtest and in slot A2 & B2 any of the rams works fine.

I had noticed this when I built the pc it didn't work when I used the A1 & B1 but then I saw the manual and it recommended the A2 & B2 but I found it strange really I started to think that the problem is really in the motherboard.. any solution or something that I don't know ? before sending for RMA

PC build:

Asus Rog Crossair Hero X670E

Ryzen 7900x

Graphics Card: RTX 4080 Suprim X

RAM- Corsair Vengeance DRR5 6000Mhz 64GB

PSU -Corsair RM1000X W Full Modular 80 Plus Gold


Level 8

If you're mixing RAM sticks (32 & 64GB), running 4 sticks above 3600mhz (official spec), on AM5 (new platform with a ton of bugs)'re gonna have a real bad time.

Hi, I understand what you're saying and I've noticed that what I mean is from the tests I've done either it's really the ram defect and I've seen people complaining about the same using memetest in Amazon reviews or the compatibility is horrible it's exactly the same brand o same model the same color and logically the same CL and mhz speed there are two kits each with 32gb each which totals 64gb ram the only difference here was that one kit was bought when i did the build and another was just about a few days ago this could interfere I have never seen this happen in my life can you answer me to know what to do? I'm thinking of sending ram for RMA. I removed the Rams kit and left mine stable and I never had problems again, only when I put a clip from the other set it started right away. give blue screens

Level 8

when you can response to me i apreciate thanks