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Jayztwocents "my personal rig died video" similarities

Level 8
A lot of the issues I have been having with my system are similar to jayz video. If I'm on 0805 everything seems fine no real issue except motherboard rgb doesn't work properly as per previous post. Newer bios 0922, 0923, 0925, 1001 all cause memory issues. What scares me is I get the C5 error on 0922 and up.
Aura rgb stops working after booting into windows.

Level 10
I am in a very similar boat and referenced Jays video in one of my other post but haven't got anything like a response from Asus.

My system goes to BSOD on windows load if i have EXPO or DOCP enabled (i have tried two different RAM kits) when using any BIOS other than 0805. What also concerns me that i might have a dodgy motherboard or possibly a faulty CPU is that mine never boosts above 5.5GHz regardless of the load or amount of cores in use so i would be interested to hear what you experience of the boosting behaviour is in something like hardware info whilst running a single core test of Cinebench 23

Level 7
I don't have such an advanced mobo that displays error codes, TUF GAMING X670E-PLUS with BIOS 1222 here, and all it can do is display various colorful led lights assigned to different states. 7950X3D and 32GB's of RAM on Kingston Fury Renegade (KF560C32RSK2-32) works just fine with @ 6000MHz in DOCP I (ASUS optimized) mode, but takes quite a lot of time when starting or rebooting the PC.
Naive me thought that the Memory Context option Jay mentioned is going to help me, but while it does turn on almost instantly, it also instantly BSOD's when back on Windows 11 desktop.