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Issues after resuming from sleep

Level 8

I'm on a Rog Strix B650E-E on BIOS v1654, Windows 11 and often came across issues after resuming from sleep mode.

Most of the times USB devices won't be fully initialized (they are operational, but software/device manager won't detect them). I've also had the issue where HWmonitor wouldn't launch correctly until rebooted.

Often have to reboot to get everything back correctly and the other day I had a black screen booting to Qcode 46 (no post/bios screen). Suggesting possble a ram issue, although I have been running the same ram for some time with no problems (Kingston Fury RGB) - I shutdown and cleared cmos and booted again no problem. So I applied again my fan settings, thermal limit, enabled Expo+MCR (that's all I have setup, nothing too complicated) so all good.

Today again after resuming from sleep SteelseriesGG was reporting my keyboard was not connected although I was using it -partially as I've noticed the LCD on my Apex pro was stuck frozen. Device manager would hang trying to uninstall it and scanning for hardware. I was trying to get away with not rebooting Windows as I was in the middle of something else. I had to reboot anyway as no luck.

Is there an ongoing issue with either chipset drivers or this BIOS?