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Irregular booting with Asus Tuf X670E - (SOmetimes doesn't se the boot drive and other Sata 6 drives

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Hi guys, I wonder if sdomeone can enlighten me on what's happening here?

This is an Asus Tuf X670E Plus motherboard. Single boot drive on an 860 Evo drive.

The first image below is normal booting. It'll boot into windows fine and if I restart it via windows it will keep booting fine.

Hold down power button for four seconds and restartign gives me this and a normal bootHold down power button for four seconds and restartign gives me this and a normal boot

The next image is from a cold boot on the case itself. It shows these two drives and then says there isn't a boot drive. The current fix is to hold down the power button on the case itself for the old 'four seconds' then power it on and it boots into windows.

Cold bootCold bootResult from cold bootResult from cold boot

Between normal booting and not booting I don't change anything in the bios so I can't fathom why this is happening? I don't think it's the boot drive but linked to Sata 6 - However I have ensured there's no conflict as per the user manual.

Thanks in advance for any guidance offered.


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Do you have DOCP enabled? Please could you confirm if this behaviour continues after resetting the CMOS to defaults? Need to rule out overclocking instability before troubleshooting further.

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No and I reset to optimised defaults and it persists. It's the weirdest thing.

Reboot and go into the BIOS.

Go to the Boot menu.

Select the Boot option #1 and disable all the drives listed "except for the boot drive".

Go the the secure boot option and select WIndows UEFI mode for the OS Type. Select Custom for the Secure Boot Mode.

Please view the pictures for further details.