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iGPU not working as expected?

Level 8

Have a x670e-e Gaming with a Ryzen 7950x CPU.  Also have an RTX 4090 I was just using for rendering and was planning to use the built in GPU for display.  That said, I have the iGPU set as primary and there was an option to force and enabled that as well.  The display shows up until the spinner starts to load for Windows and then the screen stops.  But it doesn't stop, it switches over to the RTX 4090 which doesn't have a monitor on it.  Has a monitor emulator dongle attached.  Pull the dongle and the integrated screen displays.  Is this a bug?

Also note I see when using the iGPU the screen blanks for a second or so every about 5 minutes.  This is in Windows and the Bios screen while actively navigating around.