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i need help with some corsair ram at 32 gigs for 2 sticks i have the correct corsair dominator for a

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asus rog Z690E Hero CPU is a 7950x3d. ram is Corsair ddr5 32 gig on 2 sticks at 6000Mhz. i have 2 or three 2tb nvme drives on the pc and i have two 6tb HDDs and 1 wd black 2 tb HDD. I ran through Asus tech support and they trouble shot the board over the phone and the guy tried to tell me the board was defective but i think that he had no idea what hes talking about because im typing this on the computer thats only using one stick of ram and no videocard. the video card is a 6700 xtx card from MSI


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Sorry I don't quite understand your post. What are the symptoms?

Are you only able to get the system to see one memory channel / module?

1. Clear CMOS as per instructions found in user manual.

2. Is this after applying EXPO / XMP, or even at optimized defaults?

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