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I'm desperate... my X670-E seem to not see my PCI cards..

Level 7
Hi, today i build (an upgrade) my new PC with an asus tuf gaming x670e-plus wifi (BIOS 0809) but Win 10 don't recognize both my PCI addon's cards, in detail: an Elgato HD60 Pro on the PCIEX16_2 and a Ziyituod PCIe SATA Card on PCIEX4 slot with 2 hdd connected; i see two red led on, on top of the card, but the two hdd are nowhere in windows.. ..i try something but nothing seem to work.. what i found strange is that both cards don't works.. i can understand if one is not compatible, but both? I really don't know what to do and i'm really desperate..

PS: i try HWiNFO64 and i can see only the Graphic Card..

Level 11
Does the BIOS see them?

Qwinn wrote:
Does the BIOS see them?

Apparently no, but i don't really understand where to see that in this BIOS 😞 i watch everywhere, but the only option i found for PCIe is an option called LINK that seem a retro-compatibility mode to a precedent generation, so i try that, putting these two slots setting from AUTO to GEN 2/3 but without success.. I never have this problem in the past.. i need my two hdd and i need my elgato for streaming..


I have a simmilar problem.

Windows dont show pciex16-2, wifi and lan in device manager

The temorary solution for me is to

-Clear CMOS

- Boot into bios, loadad defaults or set my values.

-When next boot in windows, the devices is back in device manager.

If shuting off the computer I am not beeing able to enter bios again. 

Have to go to the process clearing CMOS all over. Time consuming but it works.