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hyper m.2 x16 gen 4 not working at strix x670e-f

Level 7


I would like to gets working Asus Hyper m.2 x16 gen4 card with MB Asus Strix x670e-f. 

I have Radeon 6750 XT GPU (pciex16_1) and 4pcs of M2 nvme ssd (2TB), 64GB RAM.

First M2 (with installed operation system) is directly installed in the first M2 slot on MB.

Three M2 are installed in Hyper m.2 x16 gen4 card. Card is installed in the slot pciex16_2.

But I can see only the one M2 disc in Hyper card within the Bios.

Also, I am unable to setup bandwidth bifurcation on the pciex16_2, because this option is not in the BIOS, there is only this option for slot pciex16_1. - does it means that this card will only work in slot pciex16_1? Otherwise there could be only one M2 disc in Hyper within the slot pciex16_2?

Thank you



Level 7

So, I am find out that I have to use only one M2 disc in that card.

But, there is another major problem!!!

Motherboard is not able to handle 4x M2 nvme discs together.  

One M2 is for the system. This one is working without any problem. But another three are usually disconnected and system is very unstable because of that. Three disc (3x 2000GB) are in the system like volume so they are appear as one drive. 

I never experienced such big problems and I using ASUS for more than 20years...

What I can do?


I don't have problems with using four m.2 drives on this mother board.
I am using Samsung 990 Pro 1TB and 3x Western Digintal Black SN850x 4TB.

Even a fifth M.2 drive via an adapter in the 4x PCI-E slot is not a problem.

Ok, that is nice. But it´s not working for me. So I ended with 4x nvme disc installed on MB, without help of Hyper m.2 x16 gen4 card.

It´s working somehow. But it´s far from ideal. Few times per day windows10 starts going slower and than hangout, after that will restart (without BSOD). And after that, there are always two missing drives in Bios or windows. PC needs to by power down and than power on. After that all hdds are online again. I do not know why this is happening...