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How to make it faster? x670e-a whit 7950x+ 128 GB dominator PLatinum 5600mhz

Level 7

Good morning everyone, I set my motherboard with Expo Tweek with the RAM speed automatically at 3600mhz, before updating the bios I had reached 4200, but now the PC only starts with the RAM in AUTO or with 3600mhz. For the CPU I set AI overclock+performance + precision boss overvrite active with 10x scale and +200mhz on the cpu and negative curve at 10. Now my cpu is stable  in full load goes to 5400hmz, I can't get more speed even if CPU temperatures do not exceed 83/85°. Can I have more speed on the CPU? on the ram, I think it's not possible having 4x32GB.

On CPU-Z I have a score of 16300/16400, in Vray 6 benchmark "only" 39500, on Cinebench 24: around 1850. Should I be satisfied with these results? I think yes no... what do you think?

the software :  AI suite 3 it's good to use?

Thanks for your help. Is there anything I can change?

sorry for my poor language