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how to enable usb4 power delivery in x670e-i?

Level 7

i can't seem to get power delivery out of the 2 usb4 ports in my x670e-i board.

nothing obvious in BIOS as well. 

im trying to power an external monitor that needs 45w, which im sure usb4 is more than able to provide.

how exactly can I achieve this?




Level 8

USB as a standard can definitely provide, but the motherboard might not. There's no requirement for a USB4 port to provide 45W. The only requirement is 7.5W.

Out of curiosity I checked the USB-C ports on my x670e-e with a USB-C PD tester and none of those ports support any kind of USB-C Power Delivery.

well hopefully someone can confirm the PD specs of the port then. I dont have anything here to test the output myself. I find it weird that asus would skimp on high PD for a premium board with usb4 though. the standard is 100w.

as for your testing, it makes sense since the x670e-e doesnt have usb4.