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how is the warranty really going to work with these x670e bios if your cpu and board blow up?

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So is asus really going to not honor their warranty even though gamers nexus called them out and jayztwocents cut them off as a sponsor because they basically said "you have to run this bios but if you do and your cpu/board blow up its on you but you have to run it" and proved expo isn't the cause, that the cause is asus being lazy/stupid and not properly making a bios with the correct SOC

so how is this going to work if a crosshair hero melts down and you try and RMA it?  are they going to say sorry or RMA it?  I already know the cpu will be replaced free from amd but everyone is dropping asus now over how they are handling this and how bad their quality control has been (i mean if you're losing reviewers that get the stuff for free then suddenly say no thank you,  we dont want it, it's garbage) something is obviously wrong.  So if i have no warranty now since i flashed the 1410 bios I'd like to know so I can figure out what to do or get a new board from a vendor that fixed this issue last month.

With the way asus is treating high end  content reviewers and


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LOLOLOL. But its just a prompt my guy. Sheesh. (also, my title was changed, for, some reason)

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If they really start denying warranty claims for flashing their own BIOS files, beta or not, they will not be in business much longer.  It’s an incredibly stupid move on their part, they risk not just their own customers but their relationship with AMD.


im sure Steve at GN is just waiting to hear about denied warranty claims, for their own ******up.  I’ll make the popcorn 

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beta bio as is where is and is your issue is no longer stated on the beta bios downloads.  Maybe Asus is actually start listening to how they are so far on a cliff right now. Hope they will make software and bios better soon

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Im having a hard time understanding what you mean. That said, the "bios" that is supposed to help the issue, Which is DOES NOT, you know the "beta" one, well even using it, puts all responsibility on you. Cool huh? Some love the idea. Like 2 people, the rest of the free world, that actually gets wtf is going on, is NOT on board. Its odd also, if you want to use a "older" bios, well, asus removed those lol. 2 of them, i used for months. They are gone/removed from their download page. Super super great, super helpful, and super awesome for the consumer. 

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  Its just a prompt,..  sheesh.

My title was changed by a mod, and most of the posts, in this got removed, most likely by the same mod. 

But yep,... they got a pile in their hands atm,....  No doubt.

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So, any post i make gets deleted. Check

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