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Disable NVME on X670E Extreme

Level 10

I've seen this posted before but for a different motherboard on a dead thread that was locked. I would like to know if there is a way to disable the NVMe from BIOS please. The reason is that I prefer to keep my boot drives completely separte from each other, and If I need to re-install any non NVMe drive it will see the NVMe and interfere with the bootloader options. I also plan to install a 3rd Linux boot drive so that would complicate things even more. I don't feel I should have to disassemble the motherboard heastink and physcially remove the NVMe drive to accomplish this. The only alernative I found was to clone and wipe the NVMe drive and then restore it. Again a step that shouldn't be necessary.  


Level 9

This is a must-have feature ASUS, come on...  Who wants to physically remove GPU and NVME to isolate drives?