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Device had a problem starting (Ethernet [x2], WiFi, Bluetooth & CPU iGPU)

Level 7


My config is a B650E-F, a 7800X3D, 32GB of DDR5 that's on the mobo QVL, a 1200W EVGA PSU and a 6950XT. Both the motherboard, the cpu, and the ram are less than 3 months old, each. So here's my issue...

I am genuinely on the brink of throwing this motherboard out of the window. Barely 3 months old, and already unusable. A couple of weeks ago both the integrated Ethernet and WiFi adapters started malfunctioning. Internet would be fine, but I could not connect to dedicated servers within videogames. Warzone is stuck on the "connecting" screen, CS2 kicks me after about 2 minutes because of "connection issues", and so on. Peer to peer games are fine, as I have checked with Helldivers 2 and Content Warning. I have tried literally everything. 50 different driver versions, a complete windows reinstall, 3 different BIOS revisions, a complete Windows reinstall, I even bought an external Ethernet add-in card, because I know the intergrated i225V is an absolute piece of ******, but turns out the issue is deeper than that. When I plug an RJ45 cable into my Realtek Ethernet add-in card, my PC bluescreens (!!!!!!!!!!) instantly. What the hell is going on? I will RMA this board in the coming weeks, but has anyone ever encountered anything like this?

I have included screenshots of the error, and will gladly try out LITERALLY ANYTHING.



Thanks in advance 🙂