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DDR5 AMD system 4800 MHz RAM issue

Level 8

Hello, I have set up a DDR5 AMD system. However, I have an issue related to the RAM. The RAM modules are not functioning above 4800 MHz. I have tried Expo 1, Expo 2, and other profiles, but none of them worked. I also attempted manual overclocking, but it didn't yield any results. Thinking that there might be a problem with my motherboard, I sent it for service and had it replaced. I also changed the RAM modules and purchased ones that were listed as compatible with the motherboard. However, I am still facing the same issue. I am unable to enter the BIOS screen with any speed settings above 4800 MHz. The PC only works when the RAM is set to 4800 MHz. Could the issue be with the memory controller of the processor?  (I have tried all available BIOS versions for the motherboard).

Asus Rog Strix X670E-E

Ryzen 7900x3D

RAM: Ram GSKILL Trident Z Neo F5-6000J3238F16GX2-TZ5NR 2x16 32GB ( A2, B2)

MSI 360mm lıquıd cooler

1050w 80+ plat psu



Have you tried the new processor?

Level 9

Hello, I had the problem that on default settings I sometimes got POST wrong without having EXPO on, it just didn't go well on default. But once I did the settings I write above, it's been stable for a long time. And I should point out that I don't have EXPO memory! Yesterday, just for a test, I made a change to VDDIO/MC and set it to 1.21V. By default I was running at 1.35V. So far everything is stable.

However, it is as written above to disable fast boot, then for RAM in timing settings disable that Power Down Enable mode.

Otherwise this helped me a lot:

ROG Strix X670E-E, Ryzen 7900, 2x16 Gb Dominator Platinum 6000Mhz

Level 8

Ok Tried also the 7800x3d, same problem with ram, both dominator and tridentz. I had no more patience. Asked refund of my rog strix, bought an Asrock Steel leggend x670e, everything works at first startup. Both stick of ram. There is a new bios for the rog strix maybe it help. For me will be a long pause before i'll buy again an Asus MB and i loved them a lot.