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Crosshair X670E Hero - Dedicated Graphics Passthrough to USB-C?

Level 7

I have a X670E Hero motherboard and I would like to add a Thunderbolt 4 KVM so that I can switch between a Mac and my Windows PC. Currently, I have it setup with a KVM that runs a USB 3 cable from the motherboard to KVM for peripherals and a DisplayPort cable for video. I was wanting to trade out the DisplayPort KVM for a Thunderbolt 4 KVM because it takes up less space, is faster on the USB ports and seems to just work a lot better (I have one setup for my MSI motherboard on a different system). 

The X670E Hero does not have a mini-DisplayPort in like the MSI motherboard on my other computer for passthrough from the graphics card to send the signal through the Thunderbolt ports. Is there a way to do something similar with the X670E Hero? Is there a way to send video from my graphics card through the USB4 ports (really just Thunderbolt 4 ports without the licensing)  and out to the KVM?