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Crosshair X670E Hero build

Level 7

Hello lasses and lads. It's great to be a part of this forum.

I am planning a build using the Crosshair X670E Hero as my motherboard of choice. I want to make sure I am not making a mistake since it's not exactly a cheap board or platform. 

I'm reading online that there's no/limited PWM control for the fans because it's a board "designed for OC". I've also seen screenshots of what I assume is an older manual confirming that claim. The V4 manual that can be downloaded from the actual site though says otherwise. To be specific, according to the latest manual, only the AIO and Water Pump+ header run at full speed. Can anyone confirm either scenario?

Are there any major or minor issues that are still unresolved? 

Thanks in advance.


Level 10

All the headers have a Full Speed option and can run at full speed.

I run all my fans full speed except my 10000 RPM RAM fans as they get too loud. I run them just fine at 60% 6000 RPM though.

Level 7

Every modern motherboard has PWM fan regulation, even the ones "designed for oc".

No computer always has 100% fan speed, it makes no sense because you never have your cpu working at 100% during all the lifetime of a motherboard, even if you do extreme liquid nitrogen overclocking sometimes with it 🙂

4 pin fan header = PWM
3 pin fan header = no PWM (usually found on old motherboards only)

So dont worry about the fan control, it's included and working fine, like every modern motherboard.

If you check the x670E hero bios settings on youtube, you can see you can tweak the PWM of the fan with the QFAN utility.

Level 7

Thanks for the replies. 

I did some digging and I think that the screenshot of the manual I saw was about the gene version of the Crosshair. That one is rocking some pwm headers and the rest are ONLY full speed. I'll commit to it i think 🙂

Level 8

I wouldnt recommend the motherboard but now the latest BIOS and the Wireless is working. Fan curves are easily done in the BIOS .  I think the Qfan utility is part of the Asus Crate which I wouldnt install but maybe the bugs are been worked out. 

I'll find out sooner than later. It's coming 😛