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Crosshair X670E Extreme production discontinued

Level 8


so I have been waiting a few years to upgrade from X99 (Rampage V Edition 10 / i7-6950X) and thought I give AM5 a shot.

For weeks I have been checking at european retailers for the Crosshair X670E Extreme, no one has it available so I contacted the german Asus shop directly ( and asked for clarification on when it's going to be available again or if there has been a recall, new revision coming out soon etc. because almost all retailers have not received a delivery window from Asus.

The reply was plain and simple - The Product won't be available anymore. Production has been discontinued. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused! ASUS-Shop Support Team

Does anyone know more about why it has been discontinued? Bad sales, hardware issues?

So me now sitting here thinking, okay fair enough I guess I should wait a little longer then, maybe a new x670e board might come out soon? Or maybe the HEDT Boards will get announced soon?




Level 9

Hello, as the owner of the aforementioned card I can actually tell you that it has given me and others some problems and is giving them ... perhaps for this reason they stopped production to update some components and release an updated version that is better and that doesn't have various problems.. It would be interesting to know something more, but I don't think they tell us the truth, perhaps also to avoid that the users who bought the card make a mass refund.... We'll see..

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Level 11

I think after the AMD disaster we got to a point where CPU OC isn't worth it anymore.
So this board is unfortunately useless for AMD users, the only thing that still works is RAM OC.
I myself bought the board months ago and can confirm that NOW it was a bad buy.
Because I can hardly do anything because of all the VCore stories etc.
You can only do something minimal, but you don't need such a board for that anymore and it's just useless.

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Level 11

I just bought one as it was on discount…however EU prices have been going higher which usually indicates low availability. My first AMD board since M2N-SLI. I expect issues :). These days overclocking is more on the memory and lowering voltage and power, same on the Intel side. Not much to play around anymore because AMD and Intel are already pushing everything temp-wise unless you opt for a water chiller or something.

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