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Crosshair x670e extreme powering off and locking up after 30-60 seconds

Level 7

Hi, I upgraded from bios 0805 to 1410 via the easy to flash tool yesterday. It was working fine for a few hours but when I got back to my machine today I found it with the power light on, the internal LEDs on, fans off, and everything unresponsive until I turned the PSU off and on. After a power cycle it will work for about 30-60 seconds before hanging in the same way. It will hang if it is in UEFI or booted into Windows 11.

I have tried downgrading the bios to 1202 and later 1003 via bios flashback with the same results. It will flash, I can get into UEFI and see that the version is the one I flashed, but it will lock up after a few moments as described above.

It was mostly stable before the bios upgrade, any input is appreciated.

CPU: 7950x, RAM: G.SKILL Trident Z5 Neo 2x32GB 6000 F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5N


Super Moderator

Does the system exhibit this behaviour directly after clearing the UEFI? e.g. no DOCP or any alterations in BIOS.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

I have cleared the settings with the rear button and by the load defaults button in UEFI.