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Crosshair X670E Extreme Issues

Level 7

I have been having issues for the past while with my system. I have a Crosshair X670E Extreme (Running 1516 BIOS), 7950X3D, Gskill 6000 EXPO memory and Strix 4090.

I am having random PC shutdowns with no codes, system just immediately shutsdown and restarts intermittently. Asus Aura loses connection then reconnects every few hours. When Asus Aura disconnects the system freezes for about 5 seconds and mouse also loses connection. (ROG Harpe Ace) If I open Armoury Crate the PC completely freezes for 10-20 seconds while it loads as well. 

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered these issues and or found a fix for them or is this possibly a hardware issue? So far I have done a complete fresh install of windows, I have tried installing all drivers from the website without Armoury Crate present and I have tried multiple BIOS versions with no change.

This might be more of a X3D issue but I cannot seem to get memory to run stable with EXPO 1 enabled, EXPO 2 is stable. The issues above do not change with memory running at stock clock. I have tried running DDR5 out of my other system. This did not make any difference either. 

Any ideas are appreciated.