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Constant Restarts X670E

Level 7
I know a few other people have mentioned this in various threads, and I can't for the life of me find a solution in the forums. I have the CROSSHAIR x670E Hero board and I am constantly being hard reset randomly throughout the day.

It's become unbearable, 6 hours into my work day and I have 32 hard restarts while I'm working, not even putting the system under any heavy load. It will restart while in chrome or while writing code in VSCode, if I leave the PC on the windows login screen it will hard restart after a few minutes of just sitting on the login screen.

I get the "early adopter" thing, but this board cost almost as much as a 7950X and I kind of expect a high-end product to work out of the box. i have no overclocks, i even have EXPO disabled and run everything at stock, and still issues. I'm running the latest 0750 bios (i couldn't even get into Windows with earlier bios versions that shipped!)

Weirdly, if I fire up a game, the hard resets don't seem to occur, putting the system under load seems to stabilize it to some degree. I've been using these crosshair boards since the 1800X CPU and never had these kinds of problems and I'm out of ideas on how to get this thing stable enough to work.

It's really disheartening when you spend thousands of £'s on a system upgrade for it to be so much worse than your old machine.

If anyone else has experienced this and found a fix I'd love to hear your solutions.

my pc info should be in my profile, but i'm running the 7950X, RTX 4090 and 64GB DDR5 (2x 32GB) @ 5200 (although recently disabled EXPO)

UPDATE: If you're having this issue I found setting the windows power plan to "High Performance" prevented the random restarts. It's not a "fix" but it should at least stop the reset until a proper fix is implemented.

Level 8
The only time I've had this is when I enabled the medium load boost. Any time that the machine was idle for a period and I went to say open a browser it would reset. I've replicated this multiple times on my personal machine and across multiple bios versions. However, for me this wasn't happening as often as others have mentioned.

Level 7

Guys, I think I've found the solution!!!

My setup:
- Asus ProArt X670 Creator Wifi (BIOS: 1415)
- Ryzen 7950X
- G.SKILL 2x32 GB 6000Mhz (F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5NR)
- Asus RTX 3090
- Zalman Wattera 1200W Gold+
- 1 Samsung 990 Pro 1TB and 1 Samsung 990 Pro 2TB + 1 Toshiba P300 4TB (7200rpm)

I was struggling with a lot of BSOD and constant/random restarts.

What DID NOT work:
- I set the UCLK - MEMCLK
- I set the EXPO I / II / Tweaked
- I set PBO with Level 1 / 2 / 3
- I set my Energie Profile in windows to Ultra performance
- I set my Ram's clocks manually
And all the things above I have tried the steps alone, together, separately, etc...
I was playing with my config for about 34 hours (3 days constantly) but  nothing happened.
There was some difference between the settings and somtimes the restarts/BSOD's were less but the problem was still on.
I also tried changing the CPU and the RAMs but nothing were better. (Cpu change to the same modell and the RAM was Corsair vengeance ddr5 5600)


I was absolutely shocked with solution what worked for me.
Windows 10 Pro Revision OS 22H2 (newest) version (
1. I set/leave (BIOS) everything in AUTO mode, I only set the PBO level to 80 C° for safety.
During the installation there were a few BSOD...
2. After the windows Installation I downloded the ARMOUR Crate and then all the drivers from it. (The restarts were still on)
3. I was installing all the other drivers from DriverPack (google if somebody doesn't know), but for me it did not restart the windows after instalation so after it stucked 95% I close the application and restart the system. (The random restarts were still on)
4. I want to install GPU Tweaker III but the system was Lagging so I start to look up, what other fan controll can I use.

!!!Than the SOLUTION for all the stupid BSOD and Restart!!!
I have installed the ASUS AI Suit 3 and something changed.
The system were faster (Like something turned ON or some part of the MB can communicate with another part).
There were no more BSOD and RESTART!!!
I tried with several render engines like, V-ray, Lumion (GPU), D5 render (GPU).
I also did a lot of stress tests for the CPU but NOTHING.

So after 4 days of hard searching after the solution I found the one that worked for me.
Hopefully it will help YOU as well!