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Cannot import .webmatrix files into Armory Anime Matrix editor for X670E Extreme

Level 9

Sooo i got a nice flashy X670E Extreme board with the new Anime Matrix LED strip. Took me a re-install of windows just to get ASUS Armoury to actually work propertly.

I went onto ASUS Armoury Anime Matrix editor to create my own design and it forwarded me to the pixel editor online where I created and exported my design ( this creates as .webmatrix file ).

Then headed back to the Anime Matrix section in the ASUS Armoury to import and it doesn't recognize the file or import the design ?  

So what's the point really ?  Can anyone from ASUS please comment / assist here ? It's such a fun feature, but so poorly implelemented ;(

PS: Also why can't you change the text brightness on text mode ? The LEDs are melting my face 😞


Level 9

Great feedback thanks.


Anime matrix resets itself to RGB defaults on reboot. Have to open it up and apply my custom anime matrix profile each time.

Armory crate either hangs or is very slow to respond in most cases for anything you want to do. If you group certain RGB sensors you cannot ungroup them as the software bugs out.

I would not recommend getting any hardware that has Anime Matrix or relies on Armour crate to use as it doesn't work correctly.  

I wish ASUS would split out the functionality of some of these programs into seperate, selectable installers instead of 1 big bloatware that slows your pc down. Often I am seeing lightingservice.exe take up WAAAAAAAAY too much CPU processing and for what ? 

Going to disable this anime matrix stuff and uninstall armoury crate. Not recommended for anyone to install.