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can only display bios with igpu or hdmi

Level 7

I've got this weird issue. If try to start my pc while using DisplayPort the boot logo doesnt show up and pressing del or f2 doesnt help me enter bios. But when I connect the dp cable through the mainboard the igpu can normally enter the bios. Using hdmi with my gpu also works. Just dp doesnt. I've tried a few things like:

disable secure boot, disable fast boot, update bios and vbios of the gpu, tried different cables and monitor, enabled csm which actually works but with csm enabled I cant use resizable bar and secure boot which I need


Asus ROG B650 A Gaming

AMD Ryzen 7800x3d

Gigabyte RTX 3080 Vision OC

Anyone have the same issue? Is it even a software thing or an hardware issue? 


Level 9

Same here. Posted about it couple months ago on the forum here. Just disable CSM support and then it works.
I got mine working somehow (most of the times anyway).