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Boot attempt fails if usb was plugged in while pc is on

Level 7

Hello, I am having weird problems with my rig, if I plug in any usb while PC is powered on, subsequent shutdown and power on will cause a boot fail. If I only plug in any usb devices while pc is turned off I do not have any issues. It does not matter which usb ports I use, usb hubs, front panels, direct mb panel, behaviour is still the same. I tried to disable\enable fast boot and it did not help. I have the latest BIOS. My setup is ryzen 9 7950x3d,  rx 7900 xtx, igpu disabled, mb asus rog crosshair x670E hero, Dominator Platinum RGB 2x32GB DDR5 5200dimm planks are installed into A2 & B2 sockets. What can be the reason of the issues?