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Bluetooth problem on new motherboard

Level 7
Hello. A friend of min has been struggling for weeks with bluetooth on his new PC with windows 11. I tried to help him today with no luck. I would realy appreciate help, so he can get his bluetooth devices paired.
Motherboard: x670e-a gaming wifi
Bluetooth device is listed in "device manager" with no errors. It can "see" all devices, but can't pair to any of them (cannot connect error). This is what i did:
1: connected wifi antenna
2: reinstalled chipset drivers
3: uninstalled all bluetooth drivers and manualy installed driver from asus hompage (same version as windows already installed automatically). i had to install via device manager (manualy selecting the file, since the setup.exe didn't work).
4: updated bios and loaded "optimized defaults"
5: installed asus software and updated all drivers
6: tried connecting 2 different headphones, ps4 controller etc. all failed.
Anything i can do to fix this for him?