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Bluetooth broken on X670E Extreme

Level 7

The Bluetooth on my X670E Extrem motherboard is unusable. I have tried turning it off and on in BIOS, uninstalled and reinstalled drivers in Windows. Nothing works. Every time I go to add a device, and when I click on the device to pair, it just gives an error, "Try connecting your device again"

What else can I try?


@pratnala  a écrit :

Do you have the antenna connected, Murph_9000?

There is no choice to make, you have to connect your antenna (if not done yet) in order to have WiFi/BT work properly.

@pratnala wrote:

Do you have the antenna connected, Murph_9000?

Yes.  It's required.  I've not removed the I/O cover on my board to be certain, but the M.2 radio card is almost certainly enclosed in a metal box which blocks radio signals; that's the standard design on the good quality boards both for regulatory compliance and to reduce the impact from radio interference on the rest of the board.

If you're worried about the aesthetics, the antenna doesn't have to be in a prominent location.  I have mine attached to the back of my case (using its magnetic base).  It just needs to be attached (and not enclosed in something which blocks radio) to give the radio energy a chance to get in and out of the card.  Highest performance is when the antenna clear of all obstructions and has a good line of sight to the radio devices it's trying to talk to, but attached to the back of a normal case usually works ok.

Thanks, I will attach and report back. Curious how is the wifi working in that case?

WiFi has a significantly longer range than BT.  You are killing the performance of your WiFi as well, with no antenna, although that may not be immediately apparent if the machine is close enough to the WiFi access point / router and the bandwidth is low enough.

So yeah wow, connecting the antenna fixed the Bluetooth issues. And yes, the WiFi access point is like 4 feet away so I never noticed a speed drop.