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BIOS prompt

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You tell me to update my bios,.. bummer but your bios was a bit flawed. Now, to run the bios that helps this issue, i need to say,  "its on me". 





Level 9

Now, i wonder if you even care, but you are getting DESTROYED in all the talk around the situation. Great job. Makes it VERY hard to defend, even though i have for the past weeks.  Maybe you dont give a ****** if you look stupid, but i do. Good stuff. What a joke. 

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Honestly, I quite like that warning.  It's not the agree/disagree version that warns you that your warranties may be invalidated.  I'm glad they didn't threaten the warranty in it, as that's not appropriate when XMP/DOCP/EXPO is pretty much universally pushed by both the CPU and board vendors and should be reasonably safe.  I don't see anything that's not really just stating objective facts in it.

I'm in favour of people being aware that beyond-JEDEC RAM speeds are a type of overclocking, and I think there's a significant portion of the community that either don't know that or tend to forget it.  New builders come along and see XMP/EXPO being promoted, see the memory vendors promising speeds around double the speeds offered by the manufacturers of the DRAM silicon, and quite often have a bit of a collision with reality when their newly built system fails to POST.  The stability and compatibility not being guaranteed is really just what it is, particularly with DDR5 at the moment.  ASUS are stuck in the middle between the memory vendors pushing their binning as hard as they think they can, and the silicon lottery aspect of the CPU memory controller.  Some people are going to end up with DIMMs that were on the low end of their bin, configured with a possibly overly aggressive XMP/EXPO profile by the memory vendor, and a CPU with a weaker memory controller; they can't absolutely guarantee compatibility when around two thirds of the contributing factors are beyond their control.

As a community and industry, I think we need to have these informative notices, and more of them.  Make people aware when they are possibly pushing a limit or two, help them understand it.  We see countless threads of people buying ultra-fast RAM because of the promised performance, but then running into problems because they didn't properly know the finer points of RAM compatibility.  Somehow, we need to improve awareness of the QVLs, the fact that 4 DIMMs and ultra-speed just don't mix well, the fact that higher capacity DIMMs (e.g. 32GB) tend to have more of a problem with higher speeds than smaller DIMMs, etc.

Could the wording of that notice be improved?  Possibly.  I'm not saying it's perfect, only that I don't have a big problem with that notice as-is, and that I think that spreading awareness around memory overclocking is actually a good thing.

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There's normally always work to improve the wording, but the prompt is completely accurate, so your anger is misguided.

The forum has [always] tried to sticky various posts to help people understand what running beyond JEDEC specs actually means.

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Prompt is perfectly fine warning. It just says XMP/EXPO stability also depends on your CPU that asus has no control on. 

So much needless hatred generated by gamer nexus crappy alarmist video last week.

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I am very discouraged by all of this. I am new to Asus, just got a X650E-I for my ITX build and will probably return it. They are the only ones offering a decent board for ITX, but how decent is a board that will either kill your CPU and self-destruct, or not have a warranty. I should have known after getting a Zephyrus G15 and it kept blue screening. Had to return that after a week. ASROCK here I come.

Well, one of my posts, that got deleted, was a reply to a member that said "thats not the mobo makers fault".  It completely is. Do you mate, but, the way they are handling this (also, look how old this post is boss 😉 ) you may want to look else where. And this, from a LONG time ROG/ASUS lover. 



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I came here to help, and try to help make right. Get some helpful info. Instead, i get my own issue, just, magically changed. Interesting. Instead of be truthful, we just change things to make it "look" right. Odd. Ill go ahead and show this to some others. Awesome. Im sure now, this will just get completly removed. Glad i have it all saved from day one, to now, for when I am SURE this entire thread, will just disappear. 

Just to note, if you’re not able to post without swearing they will be removed for too many expletives. No need to remove the topic given it’s already been replied to objectively.

The prompt explains why overclocking cannot be guaranteed. If there’s something in particular in the message you don’t agree with, try to articulate that point so others can understand what it is you don’t agree with.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Oh. Ok. (objectively) Got it. 

    Was there a "swear" in the title that got changed?  Or is it just posts, under the title header/post title ?  I appreciate you helping me understand. I an not the one "removing anything", just adding. Not to mention, any "swear" is blanked out. But thats cool. Ill go with that from now on.   Also, im fairly confident, I've "articulated" the situation just fine, as well, about 8000 plus (and growing fast) others have found, (and I am a no one) and that was just in the last 23 minutes. So, it seems, many, and I mean MANY understand "what i dont agree with".  Its just the select few, it seems, that don't, or, dont want to.  Cheers Silent_Scone.  Really helpful to the situation.  Thread wise, i mean, not the actual issue.  But again, thanks for your time. Cheers.