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Bios 1654 TUF Gaming B650-Plus Wifi... only problems

Level 8

For me, the latest bios 1654 is the by far most unstable version. System won't even launch on every setting. With or without Expo...--> BSOD, Win loading-errors, system restore, etc... Even bios will crash.
Have to go back to 1616. Install, works like charm. 
MEM 2x KF560C36BBEK2-32, Fury Beast @6000 Expo (in compatiibility-list) ; AMD7850X @stock

Anybody else? Or some ideas how to fix this?  I'm out of ideas and will stay on 1616 


Level 9
I have similar problems. I switched to version 1654 and since then I have also been able to find strange bugs. Bios Boot Failure when I enable Expo 1 or 2. I shut down my PC, screens go off and pc is on for minutes. Quick Restart disabled in W11. PC Freeze after Gaming one our (kernel power 41 Event)
Deleted cmos and went back to 1616. Expo enabled and resumed boot failure. apparently the problems are still there. I get into Windows, benchmark cinebench, 3dmark Firestrike, Port Royal no problems, no BOD.
My Hardware: x670e Plus Tuf, Ram F56000J3038F 16GX2-TZ5NR (32GB), 7800x3d

Asus have a long history for bios-shenanigans 😅 Sometime just the wrong bios for wrong board, bios that kill systems, bios is an blank file, etc...
This was my try to change from Intel to AMD after long long time with Intel. It's sucks hard 😂
But, ok, many things was AMDs fault and after lot weeks we get good hardware from them. BUT ASUS? What they have done? Crap Hardware with crappier bios versions.

For me, im done with Asus Motherboards (other products from them seem OK).  My lifetime is to short for this crap. i need an working PC, not an 50/50 random working or not PC.

Oh, you found the right words. I was also on Intel for years. I never made any settings in the BIOS except XMP and everything ran without problems. Now on am5 with amd hardware, it's like you said, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Recently, my PC freezes twice while gaming, the reason for this was Adreanlin was not up to date. Adreanlin updated and then everything went well again. it is precisely these problems that annoy me the most.

Level 7

Same thing here. Updated the bios yesterday to 1654 (b650e-f mobo), and my computer constantly crashes today. Usually right after Windows load, in Windows safe mode (takes a bit longer) and even in the bios screen, same as you. Some upgrade. Now back on 1616 en everything is fine. Won't do any upgrades for the time being.

Hey I no more problems now. Initial version was 1616. Turned off PC, unplugged power cord. then cleared CMOS. Plugged the power cord back in, left the PC off. I then freshly flashed 1654 with the BIOS "flashback" button on the back. so far no more problems

I hope it works for you too.

Tried it, but no luck for me. Sad

I think my problem is that i use 2 Kits of the same Memory. 1 Kit is supported per compatibility-list, but 2 time the same Kit maybe not.
And the specs from AMD says clear... only 2 rambanks with highspeed ram will be supported. If 4 banks are used then ramspeed will be reduced!
With bios 1616 i get lucky... 4 banks with full 6000mhz...nice
Up from 1616 no more luck. I think i have to try and error until i get it stable with reduced speed OR must change my ram to a 2x32gb Kit to be stable as AMD says.
AM5 is hell of a system. In any way!

Level 7

For me it works othervice ok but for memory timings. i have G.Skill Flare X5 DDR5-6000 C32 DC - 32GB (AMD EXPO)  kit. bios 1636 worked fine with manual cl 30, but 1654 although bios accept same manual settings or when using expo 1 settings runs at cl 48. Friend has same memory and he also got it running cl 30. 7600 x runs nicely curve optimized at -30 on both bioses.