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HDMI not working on x670e crosshair hero

i get no signal at all when i connect a cable to the HDMI port on the motherboard, tried different cables, displays, searched bios settings to no avail.but i can the confirm the igpu is working, i had to connect a usb hub with a HDMI port to one of t...

LVSO by Level 8
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HELP - gen 4 issue with asus x670e prime

Hi GuysI need some help with a strange issue I am having. My main boot drive is a P5 Gen4 which works fine, but when  I try to add a second gen4 drive, the pc either doesn't seen the new drive or doesn't go past the main screen not letting me into th...

Citiman by Level 7
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~1M to post B650E + 96GB RAM

I'm not sure why this needed to be locked? Damage control? Also takes a minute for mine to POST. Latest firmware. Likely due to having 96GB...

Resolved! TUF GAMING X670E PLUS POST issues

I start to think i choosed poorly when i switched to ASUS and bought the motherboard in the subject . This motherboard kills me slowly. Since i bought it, had only problems with it. Particulary with the booting. At power on always had a blue screen, ...

X670E-F Curve optimizer

Hi all, I have plan to buy new PC and i am looking for Strix X670E-F ( nice looking with good oc options)i have questions , during activation of PBO , what is the limit of curve optimizer ? is it -/+ 30 or -/+50 or 60 ?i found different response in r...

Saif96 by Level 7
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I was hoping someone can help me with this issue, seen other posts with similar issues but no solutions.The event viewer shows many 153 disk errors on \Device\Harddisk0\DR0The IO operation at logical block address 0x6192d8 for disk 0 (PDO name: \Devi...

I have 3 x670e hero questions

I have three questions. question 1 is why does my system freeze with qcode 35 randomally for no reason (and i ran memtest for 48 hours and it passed everything @6000 with the old ass crucial 2x32GB CL4 amd expo 6000 modules).  i THINK it has somethin...

pissant by Level 9
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