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CPU SOC too high on Asus Boards?

I have the "Asus X670e E Gaming Wifi" with "Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB, DDR5-6000 RAM" and when set the EXPO Profil the CPU SOC get to 1.38, without EXPO with 4800 i see only 1.048. For me the 1.38 are much to high. I get also a reboot when set to EX...

ProArt X670 Instantly "restart" at random times?!

HeyI have updated my system fromX399 + 2990WX + 128gb Ram to X670 ProArt 7950X and Kingston FURY Beast RGB 64GB (2x 32GB) 5600MHzEverything starts/run fine - mostly. But for some reason, the pc will randomly restart.There is no blue screen, no warnin...

Daz1989 by Level 8
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Crosshair X670e Extreme - Cannot set Eco Mode in BIOS

Hello,On my new 7950x machine, I can set eco mode via Ryzen Master and this definitely has an effect and works like I would reasonably expect. Wattage is roughly 90w-110w while encoding, temps max out around 74c, which is fine.But I've tried doing t...

Qwinn by Level 11
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x670 Crosshair Extreme Safe-Boot button not working

As the title suggests, the button doesn't actually apply safe boot settings when pressed, it just reboots or boots the system with the already applied settings leaving the only option to press clear cmos button and load from saved profile.

ProArt X670E Wifi does not remember "Eco" mode after bios upgrade

Hi,I had manually set the CPU to "eco" mode using the recommended settings in the "AMD overclocking | Precision Boost Overdrive" section. This was on BIOS version 0512 I think. This worked fine.I now upgraded to BIOS version 0705 and now the "eco" mo...

Kai01W by Level 7
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GSkill 6000mhz CL30 vs CL36 2X16GB Kit

im putting together a new build. im trying to figure out which kit is the best choice. i dont know enough about memory. i already bought a 7950x and x670e hero.F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NRTrident Z5 Neo RGBDDR5-6000 CL30-38-38-96 1.35V32GB (2x16GB)AMD EX...

LowDUB by Level 8
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X670e Hero not seeing GPU

Hello,I recently purchased an x670e Hero mb, 7900x CPU, and a couple sticks of G.Skillz 6000 Mhz memory and after I got everything put together, BIOS updated, and a fresh install of Windows 10 on a system M.2 drive. I tried connecting my monitor (Sam...

8pin CPU connectors on Crosshair X670E Hero

Should you connect both of these or just one?The manual says you can do one or both but doesn't go into an explanation of what happens if you only populate one of these. So what has everyone else done here?