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Asus Prime x670e pro wifi 7700x 3070 gpu issues.

Rebuild PC with those components. Have a 1050 watt power supply. Only way I can get the video card to output video is a bios update, it works after that, untill it gets restarted/shut down. Gives 1 long 3 short beeps when not working. I have a 108...

RAM Choice on X670E Hero

So like many others, since i built this system, i have no end of issues, some of them point towards RAM, not so much faulty, but just not compatible.On all BIOS prior to 0705, i get random crashes like the reset switch has been hit, no BSOD, no Error...

C5 Q-Code Help

Hi,I recently received the new G.Skill 2x32 64gb F5-6000J3238G32GX2-TZ5N Kit and when I turn on the pc I get the Q-Code C5 any idea's what that could mean?I have swaped the ram to my other Vengeance 32gb kits 16gb x2 and now my pc boots but if I go t...

Jagguw by Level 8
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STRIX X670E-A Infinity Fabric OC

Hi I just built a new PC with 7700X and Strix X670E-AEverything is fine, I did PBO2 Curve with negative 20 magnitude and +200MHz overclock so it goes up to 5.75GHz. I use Teamgroup DDR5 6000CL30 ram and use the XMP profile which is fine and stable in...

Rog crosshair x670e extreme

How's everybody doing? So I was looking at the support page for my 2nd high end Asus ROG motherboard and I saw 2 firmware versions so far. V0611 and v0614 beta.Does the board ship with v0611 or do I need to flash that before I do anything else?Also ...

d0x360 by Level 7
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Single core boost maxed at 5650mhz no matter what?

Basically as title. Same AGESA, same watts. But the ASUS board ends up with lower clock speeds, and also a lower temp, even though the input PPT watts are the same. So either one of them has an incorrect sensor by quite a lot, or the ASUS is just thr...

nirurin by Level 7
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Crosshair X670E Extreme OSC_SENSE pin definitions

The Asus ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme motherboard comes with the True Voltician peripheral. It's supposed to be connected to the OSC_SENSE pins on the motherboard and it displays voltage information as "Channel 1", "Channel 2", and "Channel 3". There ...

Dynamic OC temperature turn-off doesn't work?

I currently have a dynamic OC set up (5250/5000 @ 1.12v) which I use for things like rendering (tested in cinebench and blender). Works fine. (runs at about 62C) However I thought the asus board setup was meant to deactivate the OC once a temperature...

nirurin by Level 7
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