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X670E Hero Controlling Temperature

Greetings,This is my first AMD machine, and I have upgraded from a 9900K machine. As you can see from my specs, the machine has a 7950x CPU attached to an X670E Hero board. I am struggling to understand how best to setup my fans.In the BIOS, I had my...

Post Screen Resolution

Greetings,My specs will show an X670E Hero Motherboard. I have a 4K monitor, but the Post screen and any other programs run prior to Windows Boot Manager, seem to be at ~720P. I have tried all the resolution options, and ~720P is as good as it gets. ...

Asus X670E Hero M.2 NVME Drive Question

Hey,I have a question with the X670E Hero motherboard does Asus include the rubber plates to push up single sided M.2 NVME Drives? If they do how many?Also if i run say a 1TB, 2TB and a 4TB M.2 NVME drives will that force my 7900XTX to run at 8x?Tha...

X670E Hero LED issues

Trying to get LEDs working with my new mobo, I'm running into a few issues:- Power & HDD LEDs on the case are not working. Front panel is connected. I also tried changing orientation of the cables to be sure, but no change - LEDs stay black.- LED dis...

i3200T by Level 7
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Realtek USB Audio

Greetings,I am a new owner of an x670e Hero motherboard. I moved from a competitor's board and I must say that, as an early adopter, this board has been relatively painless in the short time I have used it. Thanks Asus.Brief description of system (as...

X670E-i Hive Question

I have a question with the X670E-I Hive. If i use the Mayflower Arc MK2 can i use that instead? Like after i use the Hive to make sure everything works and i updated my bios. Is it mandatory we use it. I Know they moved the post code LED onto it but ...