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X670E-i Hive Question

I have a question with the X670E-I Hive. If i use the Mayflower Arc MK2 can i use that instead? Like after i use the Hive to make sure everything works and i updated my bios. Is it mandatory we use it. I Know they moved the post code LED onto it but ...

X670E Hero RAM Compatibility

Hello,Just wondering please if the following RAM is compatible with the 7950x + Hero X670E?Corsair CMK64GX5M2B5200Z40 @5200MHz. pl...

B650 Rog Strix E-E updated to latest Bios and lost picture

Hi all.I saw there was a new Bios out. I updated it, all went well. Said I needed to restart. When it rebooted I lost video signal and the RAM RGB went off. I get a yellow light and a C5 error message. Not sure what I'm meant to do? I tried reseting ...

Crosshair X670e Ram EXPO problems

Good morningunfortunately, as always with other architectures, I can not in any way make the ram work with a preset clock. (in this case EXPO)G.Skill DDR5 PC 6000 CL30 KIT 32-GX2-TZ5N does not go beyond 5600 any setting.if I install only one stick EX...