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ProArt x670e m2 problem (slot 4) with expo on.

Hi All,Had a m2 slot (slot4) disappearing issue when turning on EXPO. and also instability when plugging in USB drives/hdd.Just want to check with this forum if anyone had the same issue? Is it a motherboard issue? CPU? Chipset issue? Or bios problem...

say123 by Level 9
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asus prime x670e pro setting up the AIO

hiI'm confuse about where to connect the radiator pump of mag coreliguid 240 v2 either w_pump+ that works at full speed 3Wor AIO_pump also full speed but 1Walso, do you think the 280 radiator pump will be sufficient to cool down Ryzen 9 7900x?cheers

askin by Level 7
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Well done. Bios.

This will be my second attempt. The others got deleted, for .... whatever reason.

What BIOs to use? 7800X3D + X670E-F

Last two recent bios files are beta, not keen on using these. Should I just use 1303 which is a bit old in the current situation. Been waiting to build this PC for a couple of weeks now, should I wait more until next stable version. 

Hort by Level 7
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Asus x670 E-E and Gigabyte GP-UD1000GM PG5 V2.0 PSU

Hello , Im building atm on a X670E-E , ive noticed 2 Powerconnectors on the board. Now my Gigabyte GP-UD1000GM PG5 V2.0 PSU comes with 1 cable , though it does split in 2. Now the question is should i connect both ends in the 2 Power connectors? or d...

ProArt X670E 10GBe Ethernet not Connecting Automatically

With the latest drivers installed for the Marvell AQtion 10GBe LAN (, the adapter needs to be reset manually after every reboot for it to detect a connection.When Windows 11 is rebooted, the network icon will be a globe (not connected), until...

iGPU not working as expected?

Have a x670e-e Gaming with a Ryzen 7950x CPU.  Also have an RTX 4090 I was just using for rendering and was planning to use the built in GPU for display.  That said, I have the iGPU set as primary and there was an option to force and enabled that as ...

jriker1 by Level 8
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Asus ROG Strix X670E-E "double boot/post" issue

Hi,Brand new AM5 build (coming from an AM4 build with an Asus board as well) with a 7800x3d , 2 x CL30 6000MHZ EXPO dd5 64gb.When power is removed at night, the first boot will result in the machine turning on for 20sec, turning off then back on agai...

zbugrkx by Level 8
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Asus rog Strix X670E-E 6400 RAM 32X2 Giga configuration

Hello everyone.I ve just bought this Motherboard and I was going to buy this RAM product cause the price is very convenient at the actual price: about 280 euro Atm but I c...