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RAM speed not as set

Hi there,Am not familiar with complicated OC tuning so I've been relying on AI OC most of the timeRecently built a new system with X670E Extreme + 7950xMy RAM is Corsair Dominator CMT64GX5M2B5600C40Set everything to auto tuning through bios, running ...

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jokrik by Level 7
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ROG X670E HERO IO/VRM Cover RGB Uniforminty

In the process of finishing my first build in a few years. My last board didn't have integrated RGB so I have no real comparison.Anyways, the ROG logo and smaller HERO text don't seem to light up with the same uniformity across the whole shroud. ...


ProArt X670E-Creator Wifi - 4th NVME Doesn't Appear

Good afternoon. Is there any guidance on M_2.4 slot not appearing? I'm currently running the latest bios. I've seen some reports around the internet on dropping the speed down to possible x4, but there is no speed options available for the NVME dr...

Strix B650E-E - Windows loading issues

I am having an issue with my newly installed Strix B650e-e AM5 board. I wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone else is having this issue. I will list the PC specs below after this. After POST, Windows begins to load but everything just...

Theroty by Level 7
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Fan Bug ProArt X670E

BUG:When you change PBO thermal limit from auto to any other temperature, all fans stop responding to temperature changes. This results in severe performance loss since PBO underclocks and undervolts to compensate. The feature is dead.Motherboard mod...

Iketh by Level 7
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Massive issues with AGESA on TUF B650M

Updated the BIOS which prepares the MB for the new X3D chips which I will be buying when they drop.First issue was expected, DRAM orange LED nightmare, multiple reboots and forced resetting to get it to even get to the Windows log-in screen, and from...