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B650e-i 2611 bug

Hi.. I have a bad bug on this bios or motherboard and I don't know if others have added up over time. I'm on bios 2611 and I usually use the pbo enhancement of asus 70, asus for this mode uses pbo unlimited, scalar 2x, 50mhz (5500mhz) negative bosost...

Please select proper boot device

 Hello I've been having this problem for a little while. Sometimes it boots into windows just fine but in most cases I get the message "please select a proper boot device" recently changed my motherboard from a Msi b650 gaming wifi to Asus rogue Stri...

Rkololz by Level 7
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ASUS x870-x870e

Hi all. I had to create a topic to hear your comments and thoughts on this matter..I have seen many vendors and different companies that have already manufactured X870 boards for AMD 9000 series processors.QUESTION Will there be 870 boards from ASUS?...

iskra by Level 9
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Random reboot of X670E

Hello, I have been having a problem with the system randomly rebooting when idle for 5 months now. Most often this happens when distributing a torrent, no matter on HDD or NVME. There is no problem with workload, nor with games. about once a day when...

Intel Connectivity network service ERROR(*many)

My ROG STRIX X670E-E board presents a number of errors in the intel connectivity network service (images), which reach the point of causing constant shutdowns on the PC. I reinstalled the INTEL drivers from the ASUS drivers page but it didn't solve t...

erroX670E.jpg ERROX670E-2.jpg ERROX670E-3.jpg ERROX670E-4.jpg
WagxCWB by Level 9
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Resolved! 2 RAM DIMM slots not working on ASUS Proart X670E-Creator Wifi

Hello, The OS is Windows 10, Gskill Flarex5 2x32 GB Rams, Expo off, 7800x3D, Corsair Water Cooling, Evga 1300W PSU, a lot of M2 SSDs. As the system resets itself every few hours, I'm trying everything to solve the problem.

Resolved! ASUS ProArt X670E-CREATOR WIFI: Random Crashes

I found a thread opened sometime ago with the same header but due to inactivity it was closed.I’m experiencing random crashes on a Windows 10. Also my GPU cannot be detected from time to time, so I have to switch to the onboard GPU.Weird thing is, th...

Help Rma rog strix x670-E gaming Wifi

Envío a RMA Europa desde España a Chequia, ¿cuál es el procedimiento? ¿Repararías el mío o me enviarías uno nuevo? Leo casos en foros de que la marca Asus es mala, no aceptaré una placa base usada en peores condiciones, la mía está impecable, si algo...

bitxan by Level 7
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