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asus x670e hero ram problem ?

I have a problem with my rog x670 hero.Sometime, in random windows crash and send me an memory problem. Hi have 2x16 gb ddr5 kingston KF564C32RSAK2-32 which are officially supported in the list of compatible rams with this motherboard.when I have the...

Computer only POSTs if single RAM is in B2

I recently bought a (pair of) TUF gaming X670E-Plus motherboards for a couple of upgrades. I have two computers with exactly the same components: RAM, CPU, Motherboard, coolers, etc., and one of the computers refuses to POST if I have a second stick ...

Hlaford by Level 7
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Screen blanking in bios

X670e-e gaming motherboard with 64GB of ram and no GPU installed.  I have the iGPU configured as primary in the bios and connected to the monitor thru the displayport.  When I'm navigating thru the numerous bios screens on my AMD board the screen wil...

jriker1 by Level 8
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Fan acts different PWM vs Duty Cycle

I run the bios fan control and have tried in both situations to run optimize All or whatever it is.  Motherboard is x670e-e gaming.  Fans are: Here's the deal.  If I run opt...

jriker1 by Level 8
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Asus x670e gaming wifi slow boot

Hello I just make new build *and I have one problem with the boot timem2 Samsung 990 pro x2 last frimware *one for windows 1tb and one 2tb for games**Cpu 7900x3d *Ram ddr5 gskill 6000hz OS windows 11 G.Skill DIMM 64 GB DDR5-6000 Kit, Arbeitsspeiche...

Resolved! no post after bios update x670e-f

need some help i was on bios 11 and wanted to update to bios  13. i tried flashing from within the bios, but the app froze when i hit enter. after like 2min in the frozen app, i reset the pc and booted into windows like normal. i then shut down the s...

ROG x670e M2 bay heatsink

I have 2 Samsung 980 Pro SSDs WITH integrated heatsinks.  They obviously do not fit under the stock mobo heatsink covering the 3 M2 bays.  Any advice on removing the big stock mobo heatsink and letting the Samsung heatsinks do their job (I mean insta...

Kenster by Level 7
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Expo stop working after bios update 0805 to 1401

I did bios updated few days ago and I notice EXPO has stop working. I know Asus been having issue with MBO is frying the CPU, that's one of the reason why I decided to updated it in the first place. What should I do at to fix this? CPU- Ryzen 9 7900x...

VenusXO by Level 8
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Asus x670 Hero freezes

windows freezes random with no error until hard reset happens with all motherboards and cpus with expo disabled or enabled MSI board gave me MEMORY_MANAGMENT error with expo disabledtemps are good 35 idle 79 load all core( 60in games)CPU 7800x3d x2Wa...

Salvaru by Level 7
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Why do the codes on my motherboard keep changing?

Hello everyone. I have a motherboard "asus rog strix x670e-e gaming wifi". Codes like 32, 33, 35, 36, 40, 43 appear on my motherboard. And these codes are constantly changing. Why does that happen? Do these codes indicate a problem?

Muhal by Level 7
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