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Bluetooth broken on X670E Extreme

The Bluetooth on my X670E Extrem motherboard is unusable. I have tried turning it off and on in BIOS, uninstalled and reinstalled drivers in Windows. Nothing works. Every time I go to add a device, and when I click on the device to pair, it just give...

pratnala by Level 7
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X670E how to disable hyperthreading ?

I am running the ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme with a Ryzen 7950X and I would like to disable hyperthreading in BIOS. I have searched for hours but I can't find any option to disable HT ? I can't believe that there is not such option. Any suggesti...


Hi so since I built my pc I had a lot of problems but I was able to fix them as I had faulty parts but 1 problem that persists is that sometimes (happens maybe once a month or more) when booting the pc and it tries to log into windows I just get a bl...

Jagguw by Level 8
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192GB of DDR5 memory working on ROG Strix X670E-E Gaming WiFi

Sweet! 192GB of DDR5 boots on the latest test Agesa! Still some tuning to do, so not sure when this will go public. Hopefully won't be long!

Raja by Level 13
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Rog crosshair x670e extreme pciex16_2?

My EK water block for the 4090 with the active backplate will not allow me to fit the gpu in the PCIEX16_1 SLOT. Can I use the PCIEX16_2 slot and still get X16?

squigy7 by Level 8
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B650E-E curve optimizer does not work with 7950X3D bios 1222

Please try Aida64 CPU SHA3 test. As long as i turn on CO, even at -0, my PC locks up or bsod, when i run that particular benchmark. I have to disable CO or put CO at +0 to be able to complete this test.This seems too much of a bug.

Danxi by Level 8
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Jayztwocents "my personal rig died video" similarities

A lot of the issues I have been having with my system are similar to jayz video. If I'm on 0805 everything seems fine no real issue except motherboard rgb doesn't work properly as per previous post. Newer bios 0922, 0923, 0925, 1001 all cause memory ...

My ongoing disaster experience with an X670E-A motherboard

Since buying an X670E-A motherboard 1.5 months ago and assembling my PC, I've had nothing but issues since the very first power-on of the system, when it wouldn't post until I removed the CMOS battery, the power cable, and held down the PC case power...


Hello,where can I find in the bios the setting c-state or AMD Cool N QuietMy 7950x is always near the 100%Bios 0922Windows 11 22H2 22621.1344OS is Power management BalancedThis is my first AMD CPU i use Intel befor and intel goes in idle mode when th...