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ROG STRIX B650E-I: Coil whine?

Hi everyone,I built a new PC and I'm experiencing terrible coil whine when booting into Windows 11. It almost never stops, even when idling on the desktop. It gets noisier when moving my mouse or scrolling a web page. If I have to describe the noise,...

So many problems with Hero 670E

At the moment I am running it using CPU Graphics via HDMI.  I have had it sitting in the case unused for the last 4 months because I just was so down and I moved the GPU to the old PC and that worked and its working ok  so have left this alone. So le...

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B650E-E - Some rear I/O USB ports non-functional

I recently got a b650e-e system set up, and noticed that some of my USB devices weren't working. Normal troubleshooting, I just unplug and replug somewhere else - worked - good to go, moving on. But lately, as I've added more devices occasionally or ...

Asus Prime X670e memory only works in B1 & B2

Hey all, interesting one here. The manual says to put the memory in A2 & B2, but my config only works in B1 & B2. A single stick will work in B2 but a single stick will not work in A2. I have upgraded the bios and went int there to ensure it had t...

Resolved! x670e Extreme where I put my ssd nvme?

In the end I let myself be convinced by the monkey and how Asus admitted its mistakes, guaranteeing full support in case of problems.The motherboard will be the Crosshair x670e extreme, the AMS 7 7800X3D processor and G.Skill QVL ram. Two samsung nvm...

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Hello, I have build a new pc. After I press the power button computer waits around 30 sec like an idle mod, during this time orange light appear on motherboard. After 30 sec. windows screen appears.My question how can I move away this 30 sec. I have ...

Un-documented Q-Codes

Hi, Several times, when my machione fails to boot I get Q-Codes. I look them up, and there are not documented. I downloaded the latest User Manual from the ROG site, and they are definetly not in there.Two of the codes I would like to know are 4546Al...

Which temperature is being used by the Fam Control ?

AMD 7950xROG Crosshair x670e HeroIn the User Manual there isn't even a basic explanation as to which temperature is being used to control the fans.Is the CPU temp being used for the CPU fan and CPU Opt fans ?If so which CPU temp ? The Package, CCD, C...