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X670E-A Gaming WiFi unable to run M.2_2 NVME at 4x4 Speeds

I've read through the other post and there is something I don’t understand. I thought the 7000 series CPU's have 28 lanes. 4 for communication with chipset and 24 "usable lanes" for M.2 / PCIE devices So why when I have a drive connected to M.2_2 NVM...

B650E-I no video signal from type-c port after 1818 BIOS update

Hello everyone!Few days ago i updated my bios to 1818 from 1812 (display worked on this version). After the update completed i went to BIOS to change some options like setting EXPO, curve optimizer etc, but after pressing F10 black screen appeared sa...

Naughty by Level 7
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Hey, With BIOS v1709, the system sometimes does not post with EXPO I. EXPO II works. The system information I used is below. Windows Sürüm: Windows 11 Pro (23H2) MB: ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Hero MB BIOS: 1709 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 7600X GPU: ASUS TUF 407...

ROG CROSSHAIR X670E HERO problem with drive speed

System:   7950X3D/X670E Hero/2x48 Gb F5-6400J3239F48GX2-TZ5RK/1Tb Kingston KC3000+2Tb Samsung 990 PRO+2x4Tb Kingston Fury Renegade+2x4Tb Kingston XS2000/RTX 3060/SS-1200 XP3/NH D-15S/ BIOS 1709 Something is not very good with Asus on this AM5 platfor...

ROG CROSSHAIR X670E HERO DDR 5 low speed Read/copy

Hello  I OC my CPU and RAM and i think it's to low speed for DDR ... EXPO II work no problem but it's low speed  Read and Copy. I have OC DDR last pictures it's better timing and latency but stil not high copy and read. Setup:CROSSHAIR X670E HERO Bio...

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kampers by Level 8
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No Video After Reboot

Hey guys,I've got a system with a B650E-I Strix, and every time I do a reboot, there's no video afterwards. The PC functions fine. It boots into Windows. I can hear the sounds, and if I press the power button it will shut down like normal, but the vi...

thebski by Level 9
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